Our Commitment

Hadwen's Prestige Collision Repairs have a passion for the environment.

After more than 85 years in the industry, Hadwen's understands the impact certain industry practices can have on the environment. Located along Breakfast Creek, in an industrial area of Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Hadwen's makes it an integral part of day-to-day business to ensure that they adhere to current environmental standards.

Prior to moving to their new premises, Hadwen's qualified for the Environment Protection Licence necessary to operate near the river. To further improve on environmental practices Hadwen's obtained a Brisbane City Council approved Green Licence. As a Green Licence business, their environmental performance is considered to be best practice in the industry. Hadwen's are committed to complying with the highest pollution prevention standards.

Hadwen's have attained, in recognition of their efforts:

  • 2000 Winner - Northern News Business Achievers Green Licence Award
  • 2001 Winner - Northern News Business Achievers Green Licence Award (the last year this award was run in this area)

Our Practice

During the repair process, plenty of dust is generated. Elimination of dust and harmful chemicals is achieved through a dust extraction process combining specialized tools and industrial vacuums. Large filtered vents built into the floor function continuously to maintain a healthy workplace, prevent air pollution and minimize dust.

All contaminated water from the repair process is drained into a water separator that filters all waste particles out of the water.

At Hadwen's, ninety per cent of all paintwork is carried out using the water-based PPG Aquabase paint, which is the most environmentally friendly product on the market.

Hadwen's also place great importance on recycling. All headlights, plastic bumper bars, metal panels, radiators, batteries and cardboard/paper are collected and recycled as part of their waste management scheme.