What do I do if I have an accident?
The best way to answer this question is to go through our Accident Check List. Please print out and place in your vehicles glove box. (view printable .pdf version)
At the site of an accident, what sort of information do I need to obtain for insurance purposes?
There is a range of information that you should gather at the accident site in order to make your insurance claim process as smooth as possible. We have put together an Accident Information Sheet that we recommend you print out and place in your vehicles glove box. (view printable .pdf version)
Can I email photos for you to quote, or do you quote over the phone?
We do have email facilities, although we believe the only way to quote completely is to see the vehicle first hand. We are not able to give an accurate quote over the phone.
Do I need to get several quotes?
Every insurance company is different, however most of them are on a one quote system with Hadwen's.
Do you repair rust?
Due to the large cost of accident repair equipment, we have specialised in collision repairs, not restoration.
Do you detail cars?
All cars are cleaned out and washed before being presented back to the owner. We can also customise a detail for your car, on request.
Do you do private work?
Yes, we do, however most of our repair work comes through insurance claims.
Do you work for any insurance company?
Yes, we are happy to work with your chosen insurance company. As each company has different claim procedures, we recommend you contact us for the correct insurance claim procedure.
What do I need to bring with me when coming for a quote?
You should bring the name of your insurer, as well as your insurance claim number (provided by your insurer). Also make sure you know details of your vehicle's assessment date.