Panel Repairs

At Hadwen's Prestige Collision Repairs, our clean, high-tech facilities allow us to provide customers with the latest in vehicle collision repairs. No matter the make or model of your car, we are able to work with any type of accident damage. As Brisbane's officially recommended repairer by Lexus and Subaru, we also specialise in the repair of these brands, acquiring full Lexus accreditation and training towards welding, testing and repair services for your prestige vehicle.

Our fully qualified team are always at an advantage within the industry, so if you want a premium car repair experience for your prestige vehicle, contact us today.


Hadwen's Prestige Collision Repairs will handle all of your welding needs. Focused on providing premium quality workmanship, our team are committed to achieving distinction in all welding, fabrication, weld repairs and maintenance. Our highly trained team are able to apply their experience and skills to precisely weld your vehicle to manufacturer’s specifications.

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Spray Painting

A fully computerised paint mixing system and highly trained staff ensures that Hadwen’s can replicate your vehicles’ paint finish. A full downdraft baking oven and environmentally friendly water-based PPG paints are used to ensure that vehicles are returned to their original gleaming finish. Our two full downdraft baking ovens ensure that your car is painted in the most environmentally safe and healthy way back to the factory finish in all kinds of weather.
At Hadwen’s ninety per cent of all paintwork is carried out using the water-based PPG Aquabase paint, which is the most environmentally friendly product on the market.

Contact us for a booking or to learn more about our professional painting services.

PDR (Paintless Dent Removal)

As an addition to our services, we provide PDR, or Paintless Dent Removal. Hadwen's Prestige Collision Repairs enjoy a partnership with Dentoway, allowing us to provide clients with a quick alternative paintless dent repair system. Dentoway technicians manipulate the dent while maintaining the vehicle’s original paint finish. As a process generally reserved for hail storm damage and minor car dents, PDR will effectively reduce the cost of smaller repairs while getting you back on the road more quickly.

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Whichever model your vehicle and whatever condition your car's panels are in, trust the experts at Hadwen's Prestige Collision Repairs to take care of your detailing needs. Our extensive car detailing service will have your car looking its best and provide appropriate protection for your vehicle’s paintwork. Including an exterior cut and polish, the detailing service our team will provide you with will be sealed with a hand wax and wash, to leave your vehicle with a clean-cut, prestige shine.

Whether it's before selling your vehicle or simply to restore that premium feeling, contact us about our first class detailing.


Hadwen’s Prestige Collision Repairs is committed to investigating and adopting new technology to set the benchmarks for the collision repair industry. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes two chassis body alignment and laser measuring systems used to perfectly realign heavily damaged vehicles. Measurements of all vehicle models and makes are stored in Hadwen’s database so that vehicles requiring chassis adjustments are aligned precisely to factory specifications.
Our two Car-O-Liner chassis body alignment measuring systems enable us to hold your vehicle straight while mending its imperfections, so your car can be precisely repaired and is as safe as possible once back on the road.

To find out more about the high-tech equipment we use here at Hadwen's, contact us today.

Other Auto Body Repairs

As well as all of our repairs listed above, we also offer a wide variety of other auto body related repairs and services. We can repair and polish alloy wheels to bring them up like new. Our skilled staff can also replace any windows or windscreens on all makes and models. We can perform any auto electrical work and motor trimming repairs that your vehicle requires also.

To find out more about our other auto body repairs we provide here at Hadwen's, contact us today.